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Word part Type Origin Definition
bar, baro root Greek pressure, weight
bat root Latin beat
be- prefix Old English to cover or surround with; to act on or change another.
bell, belli root Latin war
ben, bene, bon root Latin good, well
bi-, bin- prefix Latin two, twice, double
bibl, bibli, biblio root Greek book
bio, bi, -be root Greek life, living, living things
blast, blasto root Greek bud, generative cell
brev, brevi root Latin short, brief
cad, cas, cid2 root Latin to fall
cap2, capit, cipit root Latin head
cap1, cip, capt, cept, -ceive, -ceit root Latin to take, catch
cardi, cardio root Greek heart
carn, carni root Latin flesh, body
carp root Greek fruit
cata- prefix Greek down; completely, thoroughly; against; according to
caust, caut root Greek burn
ced, ces, -ceed, -cede, -cess root Latin to go; to go back or yield
celer root Latin swift
cent, centi root Latin hundred, hundreth