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Word part Type Origin Definition
fac, fic, fec, fact, fect root Latin make, do
-faction, -ification, -efaction noun-forming suffix Latin act or process of making or becoming
fall, fals root Latin to deceive
fem, femin root Latin female, woman
fer, lat2, -late root Latin carry, bring
-fic adjective-forming suffix Latin making, doing, causing
fid root Latin faith, trust
fig root Latin form
fil1 root Latin son or daughter
fil2 root Latin thread, line
fin root Latin end, limit
firm root Latin make firm; support
fix root Latin fasten, attach
flat root Latin blow, puff
flect, flex root Latin bend
flic root Latin strike
flor, flori root Latin flower
flu, fluct, flux, fluv, flum root Latin flow
foli, foil root Latin leaf, page
fore- root Old English before, in time or position
form root Latin shape, form