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blood money a fee paid to a hired assassin. [3 definitions]
conscience money money paid, sometimes anonymously, by one who hopes to atone for previous wrongdoing, in order to relieve the conscience.
even money equal stakes or odds given or offered in a wager.
fiat money paper currency that is dependent for its value on a government fiat or decree, and cannot be exchanged for gold or silver.
front money money that is paid in advance, esp. to start a project.
hush money (informal) money paid as a bribe to keep a person from revealing something such as a scandalous or criminal act.
mad money (informal) a bit of money set aside for emergency use or for nonessential or frivolous purchases.
money market the trade in money or funds as they are borrowed or lent short-term by large agencies or the government.
money of account a monetary denomination or unit used in keeping accounts, esp. one that does not correspond to actual paper money or coin, such as the U.S. mill.
money order an order for the payment of a specific sum of money that is issued for a fee atone bank, post office, or telegraph office, and is payable to another.
money-changing the business or act of exchanging money, usu. the currencies of different countries, at an official rate.
money-grubber (informal) one who actively desires and pursues the accumulation of as much money as possible.
money-market fund a mutual fund whose investments are of a short-term nature and consist of commercial paper or treasury bills, usu. giving a fairly high interest rate.
paper money currency in paper form, such as a dollar bill or bank note, that is issued by a government or its banks as legal tender.
pin money a small sum of money set aside for incidental expenses.
pocket money a small amount of money given or carried for incidental expenses. [2 definitions]
seed money money required or provided to begin a new project.
spending money cash for small personal expenses.