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parts of speech:
noun, adjective
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: something done for fun or amusement; play.
I made a game of waving to the baby.
similar words:
amusement, diversion, entertainment, fun, pastime, play, recreation
definition 2: a form of play or sport having certain rules and equipment for play.
We enjoyed a game of chess.My whole family went to the football game.
similar words:
competition, contest, event, match, play, sport
definition 3: wild animals, such as deer and rabbits, that can be caught and used as food.
The men went to the mountains to hunt game.
similar words:
kill, prey, take, wildlife
part of speech: adjective
inflections: gamer, gamest
definition 1: daring in spirit; brave.
The game tourists went into the jungle without a guide.
adventurous, brave
similar words:
courageous, daring
definition 2: (informal) ready or willing to take part in.
Are you game for a hike?
ready, set
similar words:
eager, prepared, willing
derivations: gamely (adv.), gameness (n.)
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