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part of speech: noun
definition 1: sound with tones and rhythm that can be listened to and enjoyed. Music can be made by voices or instruments.
When the music started, people clapped their hands and tapped their feet.
similar words:
harmony, melody, rhythm, sound
definition 2: the art of taking different tones and rhythms and making them into a piece that can be played or sung; the art of creating a musical composition.
We learned about the history of music in the United States by listening to CDs.
similar words:
creativity, ear
definition 3: a work of art that can be played or sung. It is made by combining tones and rhythms into a complete musical piece.
Do you like this music by my favorite composer?
composition, piece
similar words:
symphony, work
definition 4: the written or printed signs for a musical piece; the written form of a musical composition; score.
I bought the music for some of my favorite songs so I could play them on the piano.
similar words:
adaptation, arrangement, notation
Word Builder: music +
  • musical1:
    having to do with music.
  • musical2:
    a play with songs and other music.
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