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waw tr
parts of speech:
noun, verb
by water, in hot water
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a clear liquid that has no taste or odor. Water takes the form of rain, rivers, oceans, and lakes and is a requirement for most forms of life.
definition 2: a body of such liquid such as a lake or sea.
When we got to the beach, we couldn't wait to get into the water.
definition 3: a particular kind of water, or a solution that has water.
I drink soda water.She loves the smell of rose water.
phrase: by water
part of speech: verb
inflections: waters, watering, watered
definition 1: to pour or put water on.
He watered the plants.
definition 2: to provide drinking water for.
She watered the horses.
definition 3: to produce or give off liquid.
Chopping onions makes my eyes water.
phrase: in hot water
derivations: waterlike (adj.), waterer (n.)
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