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ih mo shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a strong feeling such as joy, hatred, sorrow, or fear. When one feels an emotion, there are physical changes such as an increase in pulse, crying, or trembling.
I express many emotions in my journal.
feeling, sentiment
similar words:
reaction, response, sensation
definition 2: a state or condition that is marked by such a feeling or response.
The story of how her parents met always filled her with emotion.
similar words:
excitement, passion, warmth
derivation: emotionless (adj.)
Word History
Emotion is from exmovere, a Latin word that means "to move out from" or "stir up." When our feelings are stirred up, the feelings we have often move out or burst out from inside us. One way this happens is when we express emotion through sounds, gestures, or words.
Word Builder: emotion +
  • emotional:
    showing emotion.
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a broader category that includes emotion
an element of an emotion
feeling emotions
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