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ihk spo zhr
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a showing or revealing of something, often a thing that is secret, private, or against the law.
The news reporter won an award for his exposure of crime in city hall.
definition 2: the condition of being exposed to wind, cold, heat, rain, or other forces of nature.
The exposure of your skin to the sun can cause it to burn.
definition 3: contact with something, such as a chemical or germ, that may cause physical damage or illness.
She wore gloves to protect herself against exposure to the dangerous chemical.The doctor wore a mask to guard against exposure to the disease.
definition 4: opportunities to experience or come face to face with new things, ideas, or people.
Living abroad gave their children exposure to other cultures.He'd had little exposure before now to people who held views that were so different from his.
definition 5: the act of exposing film to light, or the amount of time that film is exposed to light.
Your pictures will come out well if you use the right exposure.
definition 6: position in relation to the sun, wind, or compass direction.
The porch has a northern exposure.
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