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parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: gauges, gages, gauging, gaging, gauged, gaged
definition 1: to make an estimate of; judge.
The students tried to gauge how hard the substitute teacher would be.
similar words:
appraise, calculate, evaluate, judge, reckon
definition 2: to measure exactly the size or contents of.
The weatherman gauged the amount of snow that had fallen.
similar words:
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an accepted scale for measuring.
European post offices use the metric system as a gauge for weighing letters and packages.
definition 2: a tool used to measure.
A pressure gauge will tell you how much air the tire needs.
definition 3: a rule or procedure for making a judgment.
Whether you like someone is not a good gauge of their ability.
definition 4: a standard of measuring, as for the distance between railroad tracks or the thickness of wire.
What gauge of strings do you use on your guitar?
derivation: gaugeable (adj.)
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  measure, measurement, tool