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parts of speech:
noun, adjective, verb
head off, over one's head
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the top or leading part of an animal body. In vertebrates the head contains the brain, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. In invertebrates, the head contains eyes, mouth parts, and other organs.
similar words:
bean, dome, poll, skull, stack
definition 2: mind; intellect; understanding.
She has a good head for business.
similar words:
brain, sense, understanding, wits
definition 3: a position of leadership or authority, or the person in such a position.
She is the head of the agency.
similar words:
boss, director, lead, master, president, supervisor, top
definition 4: the part of anything regarded as the top or most prominent part.
He hit the nail on the head.
similar words:
end, front, tip
definition 5: one person or animal of a group, especially when they are being counted.
She counted five head of cattle.The firehouse is charging ten dollars per head for the spaghetti dinner.
definition 6: the side of a coin that shows the main design.
President Lincoln is on the head of a penny.
phrase: over one's head
part of speech: adjective
definition: of the highest rank or position; superior; leading; primary.
He is the head chef.I am the head waiter.
similar words:
first, lead, premier
part of speech: verb
inflections: heads, heading, headed
definition 1: to be the director or head of; lead.
He heads the children's reading program.
direct, lead
similar words:
administer, captain, command, control, manage, preside over, run, supervise
definition 2: to have the lead or top position or status.
Chocolate heads our list of popular flavors.
similar words:
crown, lead, top
definition 3: to move toward a certain goal or in a certain direction.
He is heading for trouble.I am heading for the nearest diner.
similar words:
aim, draw, move
phrase: head off
Word History
In Old English, the word for head was heafod. The modern spelling appeared first in 1420. At that time, the word "head" rhymed with "bead."
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