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part of speech: verb
inflections: learns, learning, learned, learnt
definition 1: to get to know or gain knowledge of through study or experience.
She learned the craft of weaving from her grandmother.
similar words:
acquire, comprehend, get, grasp, master, pick up, realize, study, take
definition 2: to find out about; become aware or informed of.
Did you ever learn how the accident happened?
find out, hear
similar words:
acquire, ascertain, determine, discover, obtain, receive, unearth
definition 3: to fix in the mind; memorize.
I learned the poem for my English class.
similar words:
get, study
derivations: learnable (adj.), learner (n.)
Word History
Learn is from an early German word that means "to follow along a track."
Word Builder: learn +
  • learning:
    things that are learned.
  • learner:
    a person who learns.
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