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parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: lounges, lounging, lounged
definition 1: to spend one's time relaxing.
My mom wants to just lounge on the beach for a week.
similar words:
idle, lie, loaf, relax, rest
definition 2: to lie or sit in a lazy way (often followed by "around").
He just lounges around on the sofa all day.
lie, loaf, loll
similar words:
idle, recline, slouch, sprawl
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a room or area where people can relax or wait.
We waited in the hotel lounge until our room was ready.
similar words:
den, lobby, parlor
definition 2: a long seat or couch. Some lounges have no back or arms. Other lounges have one end that is raised or a headrest.
similar words:
couch, sofa
definition 3: a British word for a room in a home used mainly for relaxing or entertaining guests. Lounge often has the same meaning as living room.
They're watching television in the lounge.
derivations: loungy (adj.), lounger (n.)
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  leisure, room