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parts of speech:
noun, verb
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a sudden sideways motion, as of a boat.
The sudden lurch of the boat made him drop his oar.
similar words:
list, pitch, roll
definition 2: a sudden jerk or unsteady movement; stagger.
He stepped back with a lurch when he saw the snake.
similar words:
stagger, stumble
part of speech: verb
inflections: lurches, lurching, lurched
definition 1: to make a sudden jerking or unsteady movement.
The sick man lurched forward, but the nurses caught him before he could fall.
similar words:
stagger, stumble, totter
definition 2: to make a sudden movement sideways.
He lost his balance when the boat lurched.
pitch, reel
similar words:
falter, jerk, list, roll, stagger, stumble, sway, swerve, thrash, tilt