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part of speech: preposition
definition 1: used to show distance or separation from.
I was within a foot of the door when the phone stopped ringing.They were cheated of their money.
definition 2: used to indicate the home or origin of something or someone.
The people of the Netherlands speak a language called Dutch.The plants of the desert have adapted to their dry climate.
definition 3: used to indicate cause or explanation.
He died of heart failure.
definition 4: made from.
I wear clothes of a light material when the weather is hot.
definition 5: containing.
The dog knocked over the pail of water.
definition 6: having as an important quality.
Our mayor is a man of honor.
definition 7: connected with.
The sleeves of the jacket are a little long.
definition 8: belonging to.
After school I sometimes visit the home of my friend.
definition 9: relating to; about.
We had a discussion of our vacation plans.
definition 10: named as.
The city of Chicago is in the state of Illinois.