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o vr
parts of speech:
preposition, adverb, adjective
all over with, get over, over and above
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: above in position; higher than.
Robin held the umbrella over our heads.
below, under
definition 2: across to the other side of.
Danny leaped over the fence.
definition 3: on top of, so as to cover.
I pulled the blanket over my head.
definition 4: throughout; across.
We traveled all over Canada.
similar words:
definition 5: in the time of; during.
The snow has really piled up over the last few days.
definition 6: on the subject of.
We argued over whose turn it was to wash the dishes.
definition 7: more than.
My father is over six feet tall.
definition 8: no longer feeling the effects of; recovered from.
She is over her illness now.It was a terrible accident, and the family is still trying to get over it.
phrase: over and above
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: across a space.
We will sail over to England.
definition 2: so as to cover.
Snow fell all over.
definition 3: toward one's own location across a space or toward someone else's location across a space.
I went over to see her.Some friends are coming over tomorrow afternoon.
definition 4: to the side.
Move over.
definition 5: across the edge of and down.
The water is boiling over.
definition 6: once again; again.
Please do the job over.
similar words:
afresh, anew
definition 7: down and to the side; down.
She bent over.He fell over.
similar words:
phrase: all over with
part of speech: adjective
definition: finished; done.
Mom will pick us up when movie is over.
phrase: get over
over or above?
Above means at a higher place. Over can mean the same thing, but it also means at a higher place than something else while continually moving from one point to another.
  • There is a plane above us.
  • The plane flew over our house.