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noun, verb
take root
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the part of a plant that usually grows underground. Roots take up water and nutrients, and hold the plant in the soil.
definition 2: the part that attaches a hair, nail, or tooth to the body but cannot be seen.
definition 3: the place from which something comes; source.
The root of his problem is that he does not believe in himself.
bottom, core, origin, seed, source
similar words:
definition 4: (often plural) family or ethnic background.
I traveled to Vietnam to discover my roots.
background, heritage, origin, tradition
similar words:
definition 5: a number that when multiplied by itself yields a given number.
Two is the square root of four.
definition 6: the part of a word to which other word parts, such as suffixes and prefixes, can be added--or a free-standing word with no other word parts. The word "heat" is a free-standing word that also functions as a root. When you combine this root with the prefix "pre-," for example, you get a new word, "preheat," that means to heat up in advance.
The word parts "script" and "scrib" are roots that mean "to write." You can see these roots in the words "prescription," "manuscript," and "scribble."
phrase: take root
part of speech: verb
inflections: roots, rooting, rooted
definition 1: to grow a new root or roots.
These plants will root if placed in water.
similar words:
germinate, sprout
definition 2: to become fixed or set.
I am rooted to this chair and refuse to move until my TV show is over.
similar words:
found, set in
definition 3: to fix; plant.
The shock rooted him to the spot.
base, establish, fix, found, plant, set
similar words:
anchor, implant, seat
derivations: rooted (adj.), rootlike (adj.)
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