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parts of speech:
verb, noun
in the long run, run across, run down, run low, run out
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part of speech: verb
inflections: runs, running, ran, run
definition 1: to make oneself go forward by moving the legs very quickly.
I had to run to catch up with her.
similar words:
bolt, bound, dart, dash, fly, jog, race, scamper, scoot, scurry, sprint, tear, trot
definition 2: to move quickly; make a fast trip.
Please run over to the barn and grab my toolbox.
dash, hustle, pop
similar words:
course, flit, fly, hurry, race, rush
definition 3: to escape by moving away quickly.
If you don't keep the dog on his leash, he will run away.
bolt, escape, flee, retreat
similar words:
fly, skip, split
definition 4: to seek office in an election.
She ran for mayor three times.
similar words:
campaign, compete
definition 5: to work or operate.
This machine runs well.
function, operate, work
similar words:
act, behave, go, handle, manage, perform
definition 6: to flow or spread.
The river runs fast.Paint is running down the wall.
flow, stream
similar words:
course, discharge, empty, gush, issue, move, pour, rush, seep, spill, spread, surge
definition 7: to move between places on a schedule.
The bus to town runs every two hours.
similar words:
go, travel
definition 8: to continue through time or space.
The movie ran for a week.This road runs for thirty miles.
similar words:
continue, extend, go, remain
definition 9: to have stitches break.
Her stocking ran.
similar words:
tear, unravel
definition 10: to move quickly over or along.
He ran three miles.
similar words:
race, sprint
definition 11: to cause to run.
Cowboys who run cattle work hard.
drive, herd
similar words:
chase, shepherd, tend
definition 12: to perform in by running.
She ran the race well.
similar words:
compete in, do, race
definition 13: to operate.
He ran the pump to clear the basement of water.
drive, operate
similar words:
propel, use, work
definition 14: to manage or keep in operation.
My grandfather ran a shoe business.
head, manage, operate, own
similar words:
administer, direct, handle, hold, supervise
definition 15: to print in a publication for advertising.
We ran an ad to sell our boat.
issue, print, publish
similar words:
circulate, produce
definition 16: to go quickly past or through.
It is against the law to run a stop sign.
similar words:
speed through
definition 17: to put oneself in a particular place or condition.
She ran the risk of falling by skiing so fast.
similar words:
assume, encounter, meet, take
definition 18: to push with force against, off, or into something.
They ran me off the road.
similar words:
bump, drive, edge, force, push
phrase: run across, run down
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of running.
He takes a long run every morning.
definition 2: a pace faster than a walk.
He circled the building at a run.
definition 3: a contest of running; race.
I finished the run in fifteen minutes.
definition 4: a quick trip.
Brian made a run to the store for milk and bread.
similar words:
definition 5: the distance covered in a period of running.
I made a run of three miles this morning.
definition 6: freedom to move about in or use.
He has the run of the house.
definition 7: a period of time during which something continues to happen or the length of a single series of things.
He had a long run of good luck.That run of railroad track is fifteen miles long.
similar words:
definition 8: a single period of production in printing.
His first novel had a run of ten thousand copies.
definition 9: an enclosed outdoor space for animals.
They built a run for the dog behind the garage.
definition 10: a place where stitches have broken in a stocking or other knitted article.
My stocking got a run when I fell.
definition 11: a score in baseball or softball.
The home team scored three runs in the last inning.
definition 12: an effort to win office in an election.
Lots of people helped him in his run for mayor.
phrase: in the long run, run low, run out
Word Builder: run +
  • runner1:
    a person who runs.
  • runner2:
    a long, narrow covering for a floor or table.
  • runner3:
    the long, thin metal piece on which a sled slides.
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