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part of speech: auxiliary verb
definition 1: used to express what is important for one to do.
You should do your homework.She is really sick. She should see a doctor.
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definition 2: used to express what is expected or predicted based on what makes logical sense.
It takes only twenty minutes to get here, so they should be here soon.
definition 3: used to express someone's opinion of the proper behavior or state of something, even if it is not true in reality.
My grandfather says that boys should be tough, and they should never cry.Why is this dirty towel on the floor? It should be in the laundry basket.
definition 4: used to express a possibility, but one that is not considered very likely (often used with "if").
If there should be some accident, here is the number to call.If she should refuse, we will have to ask somebody else.
definition 5: past tense of shall (used after verbs in the past tense that express speech or thoughts).
I thought I should never see him again.