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parts of speech:
adverb, conjunction, pronoun, interjection, adjective
so what?
Homophone Note
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: in the way just expressed or indicated.
Is it going to rain? Yes, I think so.
similar words:
definition 2: to the amount or degree expressed or understood.
She was so ill that she could not work.
similar words:
definition 3: to a great degree; very.
I'm so happy the job is finished.
similar words:
definition 4: also; too.
I ate lunch, and so did she.
definition 5: therefore; as a result.
He is tired, and so does not want to go running today.
similar words:
therefore, thus
definition 6: in the way that is shown or told.
Look, you need to hold the brush so.
definition 7: in that way.
He was painting lying down, and while he was so working, he fell asleep.
phrase: so what?
part of speech: conjunction
definition 1: in order that.
Please be on time so we won't miss any of the party.
definition 2: with the result that.
You were late, so you missed the spelling test.
part of speech: pronoun
definition 1: such as what has been suggested or said; the same.
Lizzie became a doctor and remained so.
definition 2: an amount close to that.
Your share of the bill will be ten dollars or so.
part of speech: interjection
definition: used as an expression of surprise, amazement, or understanding.
So! You really think you can run that fast?
part of speech: adjective
definition: true; based on fact.
She wouldn't say it if it weren't so.
Homophone Note
The words so, sew, and sow1 sound alike but have different meanings.