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bih twin
Language Note
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: in the area that separates.
Bob stood in line between Joe and Kate.
definition 2: joining, dividing, or involving.
There was an argument between the neighbors.The wall between the rooms is thin.
definition 3: by the shared effort of two people.
Between them, John and Ann were able to paint the whole house.
definition 4: when comparing.
There are not many differences between my bike and yours.
definition 5: during a set time period.
Come for lunch between noon and one.
Language Note
The prepositions between and among are close in meaning, but there is an important difference in how they are used. Use between when you are talking or writing about two people or things. Use among when you are talking or writing about three or more people or things.
Eli and Jack discussed the problem between themselves. Soon an argument broke out among the entire class.