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th  weak form [or] thi  strong form
Homophone Note
part of speech: definite article
definition 1: used before a noun when the noun is something specific or already mentioned.
The scarf I wanted had red tassels.
definition 2: used before titles.
I read a poem called "The Ancient Mariner."
definition 3: used before something that is best or in fashion.
Mack's Grill is the restaurant when it comes to family dining.
definition 4: used before a proper name.
We went swimming in the Mississippi River.
definition 5: used before a decade.
My parents were born in the sixties.
definition 6: used to indicate a group.
She's learning all about the Aztecs in her history class.
Homophone Note
The words the1 and thee can sound alike, but they have different meanings.