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part of speech: noun
inflections: teeth
definition 1: one of the hard, white, bony objects that grow in rows in the jaws of people and animals. Teeth are used for biting and chewing.
definition 2: a small, pointed part similar to a human tooth in form or in how it is used.
The teeth of the saw cut into the tree.
definition 3: a liking or weakness for a particular flavor or type of food.
She has a sweet tooth and eats too much candy.
derivations: toothless (adj.), toothlike (adj.), toothlessly (adv.), toothlessness (n.)
Word Builder: tooth+
  • toothbrush:
    a brush you clean your teeth with.
  • toothpaste:
    a paste that you put on your toothbrush to make your teeth cleaner.
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