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parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: touches, touching, touched
definition 1: to put one's hand or fingers on in order to feel.
She touched the cat's soft fur.
similar words:
caress, feel, finger, fondle, handle, hold, pat, paw, pet, stroke, tap
definition 2: to make contact with.
Don't let the paper touch the fire.
similar words:
brush, bump, contract, graze, hit, meet, reach, strike
definition 3: to be next to.
Their yard touches ours.
similar words:
border, meet, neighbor
definition 4: to affect; have an impact on.
This caring woman touched the lives of many people.
affect, influence
similar words:
concern, impress, pertain to, relate to, sway
definition 5: to make changes on; improve (usually followed by "up").
The artist wants to touch up the painting.
similar words:
alter, enhance, fix, improve, modify, perfect, repair, spruce up
definition 6: to have an emotional effect on.
The war story touched him deeply.
affect, move
similar words:
excite, impress, inspire, melt, rouse, sadden, stir
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or an instance of touching.
He felt a touch on his arm and turned to find an old friend.
similar words:
brush, bump, caress, contact, feel, graze, stroke
definition 2: the sense by which a person feels an object or thing.
He used only touch to find his way through the dark tunnel.
similar words:
feeling, sensation
definition 3: contact.
Please keep in touch with the office through the week.
similar words:
definition 4: a mild case.
She has a touch of the flu, but she can still work.
similar words:
bit, trace
definition 5: a small amount; trace.
This recipe calls for a touch of garlic.He felt a touch of guilt for saying those mean things.
bit, dab, dash, trace
similar words:
glimmer, hint, lick, note, pinch, shade, suggestion, tinge, whisper
derivations: touchable (adj.), toucher (n.)
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