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vej t bl
parts of speech:
noun, adjective
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a plant or part of a plant, such as carrots, beans, or lettuce, that is used for food.
definition 2: any living thing that is a plant.
Some people classify everything in nature as either animal, vegetable, or mineral.
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: coming from or made of vegetables that can be eaten.
The cook made a delicious vegetable stew.
definition 2: of or having to do with a plant or plants.
There is a lot of vegetable matter at the bottom of the lake.
Word History
In the 1300s, the word vegetable meant "living and growing." The word's modern meaning, "a plant that is cultivated for food," began to be used in the mid-1700s. The origin of the word "vegetable" is the Latin word vegetabilis, which means "to give energy to" or "enliven."
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