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wIch [or] hwIch
parts of speech:
pronoun, adjective
Homophone Note
part of speech: pronoun
definition 1: what one or ones.
Which of these coats is yours?
definition 2: any one or ones; whichever.
You can take which you want.
definition 3: used as a relative pronoun to give more information about the person or thing that it refers to.
The back room, which is Laura's office, has a window.
definition 4: used as a relative pronoun to introduce information that tells what specific thing you are talking about; that.
The country which produces the most coffee in the world is Brazil.
definition 5: used to represent the thing or things that it refers to.
James wrote five poems, of which the last was the best.
definition 6: used as a relative pronoun to refer to the word "that."
I gave her that which she asked for.
part of speech: adjective
definition: what particular one or ones of a group of things that have already been talked about.
Which suit do you like?
Homophone Note
The words which and witch (a magical woman) sound alike but have different meanings.