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part of speech: auxiliary verb
inflections: will, wills, willing, would, willed
definition 1: used to show the future.
School will be closed tomorrow because of the snowstorm.
definition 2: used to make a confident statement or prediction about something, even though the facts are not actually known.
That noise? Don't worry. That will be our neighbor shooting off fireworks.It's five o'clock, so dad will be getting ready to go home now.
definition 3: used to show willingness or agreement to do something (used for both people and things).
Go ahead and ask her--I'm sure she will help you.OK, I will let you borrow my bike.My grandmother loves her house, and she will never move.I've really tried, but this jar will not open!
definition 4: used to promise or make someone feel sure about something.
I will let you fly the kite as soon as I fix it.Don't worry. Your dog will be just fine.
definition 5: used to tell one's decision or intention to do something.
OK, I will go on the roller coaster by myself.I will take two of these donuts, please.
definition 6: used to show what something is able to do or handle.
This old car will still go over a hundred miles per hour.Be careful! That swing will not hold two people.