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bIz nihs
mean business
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the work a person does to earn money; job or trade.
What business are you in?
career, employment, job, occupation, position, profession, vocation, work
similar words:
craft, livelihood, living, pursuit, task
definition 2: a company or other group that buys and sells goods or services in order to make money.
She owns two businesses: a card shop and a restaurant.
company, establishment, firm, industry, office, shop, store
similar words:
agency, corporation, enterprise, partnership, team
definition 3: a duty, concern, or interest.
It's my business to see that the work gets done.
affair, problem, province, question, responsibility
similar words:
case, concern, duty, function, issue, obligation, task
definition 4: the activity of buying and selling goods or services in order to make money.
He decided to go into business instead of becoming a teacher.
definition 5: a particular matter, process, or event.
His disappearance was a strange business.
affair, circumstance, event, happening, matter, occurrence, process, situation
similar words:
case, concern, issue, question, thing
phrase: mean business
Word Builder: business +
  • businessman:
    a man who works in business.
  • businesswoman:
    a woman who works in business.
  • businessperson:
    a person who works in business.
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