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kn dI shn
parts of speech:
noun, verb
Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a state of being or existence.
She had many friends and rarely felt the condition of being lonely.
mode, situation, state
similar words:
life, phase, place, position, shape, standing, status
definition 2: a state of health or of being fit for use.
Her teeth are in good condition from frequent brushing.The car is in bad condition and needs a new engine.
health, order, repair, shape, state, trim
similar words:
form, mode, posture, situation
definition 3: something that must happen before another event or thing can occur.
Being over sixteen years old is a condition for getting a driver's license.
circumstance, necessity, provision, requirement
similar words:
consideration, qualification, restriction, term
definition 4: a sickness or an unhealthy state of the body.
My mother has a back condition that makes it difficult for her to walk.
ailment, disorder
similar words:
complaint, illness, problem, sickness, syndrome
part of speech: verb
inflections: conditions, conditioning, conditioned
definition 1: to make fit, healthy, or ready to use.
I conditioned myself for the big race by running five miles every day.
prepare, ready, repair, restore, tone, train
similar words:
coach, equip, warm up
definition 2: to cause to become used to; accustom.
Living in the desert conditioned her to extreme heat.
similar words:
accustom, harden, season, temper, train
definition 3: to respond in a certain way to things; to develop a habit of.
She was conditioned to smile and say "How are you?" when adults said "Hello" to her.
similar words:
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