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Designed for children K-2 and for young English Language Learners, WILD is Wordsmyth's most exciting, colorful, and interactive dictionary. WILD comes free with your Wordsmyth subscription. (Read more...)
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New! WILD Word Learner is an educational game app that is a companion to the WILD dictionary. Children choose from among 12 topics that cover nearly 200 lists of words from WILD.
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For kid-friendly definitions and example sentences for older children, try Wordsmyth's Word Explorer Children's Dictionary, containing over 14,000 entries, each with human-voiced audio pronunciations. The dictionary also includes synonyms and antonyms, word histories, geographical entries with maps, and abundant illustrations.
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Unique to our Children's Dictionary is the Word Explorer, a word-finding and knowledge-exploration feature. It is an index of related words, integrated within entries, that allows a child to find words connected with multiple topics and to explore whole networks of words and their meanings. Check out the Word Explorer topics below!
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Word Explorer topics list and keywords
The Human Body
Words for parts of our bodies, how our bodies work, and how we care for our bodies
The Human Mind
Words for how we feel, how we think, and how we act
Everyday Life
Words for where we live, how we travel, what we eat and wear, who we know, and how we have fun
History and Culture
Words for what organizes society, what has happened in the past, and what shapes the future
Words for how we communicate with language and how we communicate through art
The Living World
Words for kinds of animals, kinds of plants, other living things, and the living world in action
The Physical World
Words for how we study the physical world, some parts of the physical world, and what we create from the physical world
Natural Environment
Words for some parts of the natural environment, structures in the natural environment, things we do with the natural environment, and processes in the natural environment
The Economy
Words for organization of the economy and the economy in action
Government and Law
Words for government structure and structure of the law
For middle school and high school students, Wordsmyth offers its Advanced Dictionary with nearly 60,000 headwords, integrated thesaurus, and an abundance of example sentences and images. The Advanced Dictionary is part of our Comprehensive Dictionary Suite, which also contains both an intermediate level (Children's) as well as a beginner level for older English language learners. The linking of the three dictionaries allows for easy navigation between the levels.
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