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de m krae tihk
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: relating to or demonstrating the belief that all people should be treated equally.
We try to be democratic at club meetings by asking every member to vote.
definition 2: of or relating to a democracy.
Our democratic form of government gives everyone an equal vote.
definition 3: (cap.) of or relating to the Democratic Party of the United States.
The Democratic and Republican Parties are the largest U.S. political parties.
derivation: democratically (adv.)
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The word democratic contains the following parts:
crat, -cracy Greek root that means government, rule
-ic Latin and Greek adjective-forming suffix that means like, pertaining to
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The suffix -ic attaches to roots and words of Greek or Latin origin to form adjectives. A few words ending in -ic (magic , critic , music ) were adjectives that became nouns in Greek before they entered English, also as nouns.