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d rek tr
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person who guides the affairs of a business or other organization.
The director of the company makes most of the important decisions.
similar words:
commander, manager, operator
definition 2: a person who guides the actors and directs the performance of the script for a play or movie.
The director gave many instructions to the actors.
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  art, business, film, theater
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The word director contains the following parts:
di-3 Latin prefix that means not, apart, reverse, negate
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The prefix di-3 is a form of dis- used before roots beginning with "v," "g," and "s," such as "vert," "gress," and "rect." See dis-3
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reg, rect, rig1 Latin root that means king, rule, guide; straight
-er, -or, -ar2 Latin noun-forming suffix that means a person or thing that does
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The suffix group -er , -or , -ar2 turns verbs into agent nouns.
-ist, -ite2, -ator, -an, -ian, -ean