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je n r laIz [or] jen r laIz
Word Parts
part of speech: verb
inflections: generalizes, generalizing, generalized
definition 1: to come to a broad idea or rule about something after considering particular facts.
At the end of his report, Tom generalized that most lizards live in warm climates.
definition 2: to make useful to a wide range of situations or ideas.
The teacher generalized some rules for behavior at school.
definition 3: to think or speak using ideas or language that is not specific.
When he generalizes like that, it's hard to figure out what he really means.
derivation: generalizer (n.)
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The word generalize contains the following part:
-ize, -ise Greek verb-forming suffix that means to turn into or cause to be
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The suffix -ize , -ise forms transitive verbs from adjectives (civilize ) and nouns (crystallize ). The oldest English verbs ending in -ize were loanwords from Greek (baptize , catechize).