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I l streIt
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part of speech: verb
inflections: illustrates, illustrating, illustrated
definition 1: to explain or make clear by giving examples.
By using a prism, the teacher illustrated how rainbows are formed.
similar words:
clarify, exhibit, explain, illuminate, present, represent, show
definition 2: to draw pictures to go along with a book or other written material.
He illustrated the children's book with pictures of dinosaurs.
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similar words:
depict, draw, illuminate, portray, represent, sketch
derivation: illustrated (adj.)
Word History
Illustrate comes from a Latin word that means "light up." The words "luster" and "lustrous" come from related Latin words.
Word Builder: illustrate +
  • illustrated:
    having pictures.
Word Explorer
  art, education
Word Parts  About this feature
The word illustrate contains the following parts:
il-1 Latin prefix that means in, into, on
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The prefix il-1 occurs in Latin loanwords. It is an assimilated form of in-1 used before roots beginning with "l," such as "lum."
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lustr Latin root that means shine
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-ate1 Latin verb-forming suffix that means to make, cause, do
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The suffix -ate primarily forms transitive verbs from Latin bases. Many -ate verbs were loanwords from Latin. Verbs ending in -ate combine with the suffix -ion to form nouns ending in -ation. These verbs also have corresponding agent nouns ending in -ator (navigator, dictator, elevator).