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re zr veI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: something that keeps one from completely accepting or believing something; doubt.
I have reservations about lending others my bike.
doubt, qualm
definition 2: (often plural) an arrangement to have something saved for a particular person, such as a seat on a plane, a hotel room, or a table in a restaurant.
We made reservations for our flight.
definition 3: an area of land set aside by the U.S. Government for the use of Native Americans.
Word Parts  About this feature
The word reservation contains the following parts:
re- Latin prefix that means again; back or back again
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The prefix re- occurs in verbs that are Latin loanwords, where it can mean "again" (revise ) or "back again" (reflect ). It also attaches to English verbs (replay, rewind) with both meanings. Any verb can be prefixed by "re- " to indicate that an action is repeated. No hyphen is necessary unless the word formed is identical to an existing word (re-sign the document, but resign from a job).
serv1 Latin root that means save, keep
-ation Latin noun-forming suffix that means the act, process, or result of
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The suffix -ation is a compound of -ate1 + -ion. It turns verbs ending in -ate into nouns (decorate/ decoration ). Not all nouns with this suffix, however, have a corresponding verb ending in -ate (information , alteration).