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se l breI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of honoring or celebrating.
We spent the evening in celebration of the new year.
merrymaking, rejoicing
similar words:
festival, occasion
definition 2: anything that is planned or done in order to honor something.
There will be a celebration for her eightieth birthday.
ceremony, festival, festivity, holiday, occasion, party, ritual
similar words:
anniversary, birthday, event, gala
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The word celebration contains the following part:
-ation Latin noun-forming suffix that means the act, process, or result of
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The suffix -ation is a compound of -ate1 + -ion. It turns verbs ending in -ate into nouns (decorate/ decoration ). Not all nouns with this suffix, however, have a corresponding verb ending in -ate (information , alteration).