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tek na l ji
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part of speech: noun
inflections: technologies
definition 1: a field of knowledge having to do with the practical applications of science and industry, or the inventions and methods of solving problems that are produced through research in these areas.
Doctors increasingly depend on medical technology.
definition 2: a particular method of solving practical problems that comes out of research in science and industry.
Many car companies have become more interested in developing fuel-saving technologies.
derivation: technologist (n.)
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The word technology contains the following part:
-logy, -ology Greek noun-forming suffix that means study of, science of; written work; structure or principle
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The suffix -logy , -ology forms nouns from bases that are predominantly Greek roots. It is a terminal form of the root log, logo, -logue which in the vast majority cases signifies the study or science of the subject indicated by the base. In some words, however, -ology carries the meaning "written work" (trilogy) or "structure" (homology). See log, logo, -logue. Most nouns ending in -logy , -ology have an adjective form ending in "-ical." (dermatology, dermatological).