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holm oak an oak native to southern Europe with prickly evergreen leaves that resemble holly.
Jerusalem oak a North American weed with lobed leaves and an odor like turpentine.
live oak any of various evergreen oaks of the southeastern or southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
oak apple a harmless, applelike gall produced on oak trees by the larvae of a type of wasp.
oak-leaf cluster a small bronze or silver cluster of oak leaves and acorns worn on the ribbon of a medal to signify multiple awardings of the same medal.
pin oak either of two tall oak trees of the eastern United States that are valued for their lumber and as shade trees.
poison oak a western North American shrub bearing leaves that often resemble oak leaves and secreting an oil that can cause a severe rash on contact. [2 definitions]
red oak any of several North American oaks that have dark bark, leaves with pointed tips, and a two-year maturation for their acorns. [2 definitions]
white oak a large oak of eastern North America that has a light gray to white bark, and yields a hard, light-colored wood.