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Word part Type Origin Definition
melan, melano root Greek black
memor, member, membr root Latin memory
-ment noun-forming suffix Latin act, process, or instance of
ment root Latin mind
mer, -mere root Greek part
merc, merch root Latin trade, merchandise
merge, mers root Latin sink, dip, dive
meso- prefix Greek middle
meta- prefix Greek change, between, after, beyond
metr, -meter, -metry root Greek measure
micro- prefix Greek small
mill, milli, -illion root Latin thousand
mim root Latin copy, imitate
min root Latin small; make smaller
minist, minst root Latin serve, assist
mis- prefix Latin bad, badly, wrongly
mis2, miso root Greek hate
mit, mis1, mitt, miss, -mise root Latin send, let go
mne, mnes, mnest root Greek memory
mob, mot, mov root Latin move
mon root Latin advise, warn