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Word part Type Origin Definition
peri root Greek around, surrounding
petr, petro root Latin and Greek rock, stone
phag, -phage, -phagy root Greek eat
phan, phas, phen root Greek show, appear
phil, philo, -philia, -phile root Greek love, fondness
phobia, -phobe, -phobic root Greek fear, dread
phon, phono, -phone, -phony root Greek sound, voice
phor, pher, -phore root Greek carry, bear
phot, photo root Greek light
phyl root Greek race, type
phyll, phyllo root Greek leaf
phys, physio root Greek nature, physical
phyt, phyto, -phyte root Greek plant; plant growth
plac root Latin calm; please
plas, plast, plasm, -plasty root Greek mold, form; growth
ple, plen, plet root Latin fill up, fulfill
plic, plex, ply root Latin fold, plait
plu, plur root Latin more
pneum, pneumo, pneumon, pneumat, -pnea root Greek air, breath, wind, spirit
pod, pode root Greek foot
pol, polit, polis root Greek city, citizen