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ek spih dI shn
Word History, Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition: a journey taken for a reason, or a group taking such a trip.
The scientists made an expedition to the rain forest.The expedition ran into trouble when its boat sprang a leak.
similar words:
adventure, excursion, exploration, field trip, journey, outing, safari, trip, voyage
Word History
Expedition comes from a Latin word that means "to free the feet." "Ped," which forms part of the word "expedition," means "foot" or "feet" in Latin. Other English words which contain "ped" and come from Latin include pedal and quadruped.
Word Parts  About this feature
The word expedition contains the following parts:
ex- Latin prefix that means out, out of, away from
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The prefix ex- was a Latin preposition and prefix and occurs in English in Latin loanwords, such as exit and expel . It has multiple forms, as the 'x' sound in ex- assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See its assimilated forms e-, ef-, and es-. ex- is also used in the formation of English words such as "ex-partner," where it means "formerly having the status of."
extr-, extra-, exter-
ped1, pedi, -pede Latin root that means foot, feet
pod, pode
-ion Latin noun-forming suffix that means the act, process, or result of
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The suffix -ion attaches to bases that are Latin verb stems ending in s or t.