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judg·ment [or] judge·ment

judgment [or] judgement

juhj mnt
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an opinion formed after carefully studying all of the information.
In the mayor's judgment, a new city hall is needed.
opinion, verdict
similar words:
conclusion, decision, estimation, idea, thought, view
definition 2: a decision made by someone in power; an official decision; verdict.
The court handed down a judgment in favor of the person who was hurt by a drunk driver.
decree, ruling, sentence, verdict
similar words:
decision, resolution
derivation: judgmental (adj.)
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  government, thought
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The word judgment contains the following parts:
jud, jur, just Latin root that means justice, law; swear
-ment Latin noun-forming suffix that means act, process, or instance of
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The suffix -ment attaches to Latin verb roots (e.g., doc, reg, sed) or to English verbs of Latin origin to form nouns.