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reInj mnt
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of putting things in order or in some particular way that is desired.
The arrangement of the library books took days.
arraying, grouping, ordering, organization
similar words:
assortment, disposition, grading, selection
definition 2: a group of things that have been put together in a certain way.
The flower arrangements were beautiful.
array, group
similar words:
order, position, selection, series, set
definition 3: (usually plural) plans or preparations.
Max made the arrangements for his grandfather's retirement party.
plans, preparations, provisions
similar words:
design, measures, reservations, scheme
definition 4: a piece of music that has been changed to fit a particular type of performance.
The band played new arrangements of old popular songs.
similar words:
composition, score
definition 5: the way in which a group of things have been placed.
The arrangement of the desks has changed.
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The word arrangement contains the following parts:
ar- Latin prefix that means to, toward
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The prefix ar- occurs in Latin loanwords. It is an assimilated form of ad- used before roots beginning with "r," such as "rang." See ad-.
-ment Latin noun-forming suffix that means act, process, or instance of
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The suffix -ment attaches to Latin verb roots (e.g., doc, reg, sed) or to English verbs of Latin origin to form nouns.