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meI ni aek
Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person who is insane.
similar words:
kook, nut
definition 2: a wild, violent person who is a danger to others.
kook, savage
similar words:
demon, devil, monster
definition 3: a person who has a very strong desire or enthusiasm for something.
She is a maniac about bicycle racing.I am a maniac for Mexican food.
similar words:
addict, buff, demon, fanatic
Word Parts  About this feature
The word maniac contains the following parts:
mania Greek root that means excessive desire
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-ac Greek adjective-forming suffix that means in adjectives: of or pertaining to; resembling; in nouns: someone afflicted with;
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The suffix -ac attaches to Greek bases ending in the letter "i" to form adjectives and their noun extensions. Many English adjectives ending in -ac are loanwords from Greek via Latin. However, later words such as "dipsomaniac" are new English words modeled on loanwords.
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