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peI li an ta l ji [or] pae li an ta l ji
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part of speech: noun
definition: the science that studies animal and plant fossils for information about life in the past.
derivations: paleontologic (adj.), paleontological (adj.), paleontologist (n.)
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  dinosaur, geology, skeleton
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The word paleontology contains the following parts:
ont, onto Greek root that means being, existence
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pale, paleo Greek root that means ancient
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-logy, -ology Greek noun-forming suffix that means study of, science of; written work; structure or principle
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The suffix -logy , -ology forms nouns from bases that are predominantly Greek roots. It is a terminal form of the root log, logo, -logue which in the vast majority cases signifies the study or science of the subject indicated by the base. In some words, however, -ology carries the meaning "written work" (trilogy) or "structure" (homology). See log, logo, -logue. Most nouns ending in -logy , -ology have an adjective form ending in "-ical." (dermatology, dermatological).