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pae sihj
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a way through which something can pass; corridor; channel.
This mountain has an underground passage.
corridor, pass, passageway, way
similar words:
alley, course, entrance, hall, hallway, opening, path, road, route, thoroughfare, tunnel
definition 2: a part of a written or musical work.
In this book, the author wrote a moving passage about his father's death.
excerpt, part
similar words:
extract, piece, section, selection
definition 3: a journey by water.
The ship had a difficult passage through the storm.
journey, voyage
similar words:
excursion, fare, run, trip
definition 4: official approval.
The NAACP worked for the passage of the Civil Rights Act.
similar words:
acceptance, adoption, approval
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The word passage contains the following part:
-age Latin noun-forming suffix that means act, process, or result of (the action indicated by the verb base)
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The suffix -age attaches primarily to bases that are English verbs to form nouns. Base-final y becomes i and base-final silent e is dropped before -age (carry + -age > carriage , store + -age > storage ) Some nouns ending in -age are loan words from French (voyage , courage ) whose bases are Latin roots.