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pe tr faI
Word Parts
part of speech: verb
inflections: petrifies, petrifying, petrified
definition 1: to turn into stone. Minerals left behind by water petrify wood by replacing woods cells when they die.
These pieces of petrified wood are made almost entirely of quartz crystal.
similar words:
deaden, freeze, harden, numb
definition 2: to make unable to act or move from terror.
That monster movie really petrified me.
similar words:
astonish, astound, daze, frighten, paralyze, stun, terrify
derivations: petrifiable (adj.), petrified (adj.), petrifaction (n.), petrification (n.)
Word Parts  About this feature
The word petrify contains the following parts:
petr, petro Latin and Greek root that means rock, stone
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lith, litho, -lite, -lithic
-fy, -ify, -efy Latin verb-forming suffix that means make, cause to be, become
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The suffix group -fy , -ify , -efy forms verbs from primarily Latin bases. When -ify attaches to an English base, the base is an adjective (uglify, Frenchify) or noun (citify, zombify) usually having one syllable or two syllables ending in |i|. Verbs ending in -fy have corresponding noun forms ending in -ion: as a rule, -ify becomes -ification (verify , verification); -efy becomes -efaction (putrefy, putrefaction). See also fac, fic, fec, fact, fect.