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fI zihks
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part of speech: plural noun
definition: (used with a singular verb) the science that deals with matter and energy, their qualities, and the relationships between them. Physics includes the study of light, heat, sound, electricity, and force.
We studied magnetism in our class on physics.
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broader category that includes physics
some actions associated with physics
some aspects of physics
some kinds of physics
some people associated with physics
some things conventionally associated with physics
some things that use physics
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The word physics contains the following parts:
phys, physio Greek root that means nature, physical
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-ic Latin and Greek adjective-forming suffix that means like, pertaining to
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The suffix -ic attaches to roots and words of Greek or Latin origin to form adjectives. A few words ending in -ic (magic , critic , music ) were adjectives that became nouns in Greek before they entered English, also as nouns.
-ics Greek noun-forming suffix that means science, study, or practice of; properties of; practices pertaining to
-logy, -ology