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pa lih tI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a person involved in party politics.
Politicians are very busy at election time.
definition 2: a person who holds a government office.
The politician said he would support a bill to clean up the environment.
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  government, politics
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The word politician contains the following parts:
pol, polit, polis Greek root that means city, citizen
-an, -ian, -ean Latin adjective- and noun-forming suffix that means in adjectives: from (a place) or pertaining to or following (a figure or school of thought); in nouns: person or thing from (a place) or associated with (an activity or school of thought).
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The suffix group -an , -ian , -ean attaches to common nouns and proper nouns to form adjectives or nouns.
-ician Latin noun-forming suffix that means practictioner of or expert in