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reI di eIt
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part of speech: verb
inflections: radiates, radiating, radiated
definition 1: to come out in the form of rays or waves.
Light radiates from the sun.
similar words:
glow, shine, transmit
definition 2: to spread out in many directions from a center.
The spokes radiate from the center of a bicycle wheel.
similar words:
branch, circulate, disperse, fan out, shine
definition 3: to send out (heat, light, or the like).
The sun radiates heat.
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emit, shed
similar words:
beam, transmit
definition 4: to have a quality or be in a mood that everyone notices or feels.
She radiated confidence.
similar words:
ooze, project
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  happiness, light, outer space, space
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The word radiate contains the following parts:
radi Latin root that means ray, spoke
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-ate1 Latin verb-forming suffix that means to make, cause, do
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The suffix -ate primarily forms transitive verbs from Latin bases. Many -ate verbs were loanwords from Latin. Verbs ending in -ate combine with the suffix -ion to form nouns ending in -ation. These verbs also have corresponding agent nouns ending in -ator (navigator, dictator, elevator).