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rih port
parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition: a statement or account of something.
I enjoyed writing the book report.
similar words:
account, bulletin, statement
part of speech: verb
inflections: reports, reporting, reported
definition 1: to prepare and present an account or statement of.
The sheriff reported the results of his investigation.
similar words:
announce, describe, detail, disclose, record, reveal, state, tell, write
definition 2: to make a charge against.
I reported the thief to the police.
similar words:
accuse, charge, denounce, inform against, tattle on
definition 3: to tell; state.
I reported the good news to my friends.
relate, state, tell
similar words:
describe, detail, narrate, rehearse, repeat, say
definition 4: to present oneself.
She reported for work early.
show up
similar words:
appear, arrive, present oneself
derivation: reportable (adj.)
Word Builder: report +
  • reporter:
    a person who reports the news for a newspaper, a magazine, or a radio or television station.
Word Parts  About this feature
The word report contains the following parts:
re- Latin prefix that means again; back or back again
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The prefix re- occurs in verbs that are Latin loanwords, where it can mean "again" (revise ) or "back again" (reflect ). It also attaches to English verbs (replay, rewind) with both meanings. Any verb can be prefixed by "re- " to indicate that an action is repeated. No hyphen is necessary unless the word formed is identical to an existing word (re-sign the document, but resign from a job).
port Latin root that means carry